Become a Carrier Partner


No loads move without our carrier partnerships. Our success is reliant upon the close-working relationships we have established with great carriers. Reliable, dependable carriers are vital for the fulfillment of our promise to provide excellent customer service. We strive to build and maintain long lasting relationships to ensure your success and ours.


We have cultivated long-term relationships with a diverse base of carriers from large, asset-based carriers to smaller or even one-man operations. The wide variety of freight we move along with our diverse relationships with carriers ensures we can better serve our customers and move specific loads for individual carriers.


When you consider hauling your first load for LS2C Logistics, know we’re not looking at this as a one-time shot. Our goal is to treat each dispatcher and driver with respect and integrity, so you’ll want to load for us when there’s a choice to do so. We know that unpleasant situations can arise in our industry, but we believe that when these situations are handled with honesty and fairness, long-term and trusting relationships develop as a result and are mutually beneficial.


Excellent communication is integral to moving freight. When you move a load with LS2C, your drivers and dispatchers are provided 24/7/365 availability to one point of contact from start to finish. We work overtime to keep your drivers and trucks moving smoothly through the pickup and delivery process. Problem solvers at heart, we count on timely and accurate information from carriers in order to provide excellent customer service.


Fuel Advances: We offer Comdata Fuel Advances up to 40% of gross freight, but not to exceed $1,000 per day without additional fees. Our normal advance fees will be 2% of gross freight.


Normal Payment Schedule: We put a check in the mail within 28-30 calendar days from receipt of your invoice, signed BOLs, and/or any other required paperwork.


Comdata Settlements: We offer Comdata payoffs on paperwork received the same day for an additional 5% charge of the gross rate.


Overnighted Checks: We can overnight checks on the same day as received paperwork for an additional 5% charge of your gross rate.