Our Team

Faust Chitty, President/Managing Partner

Faust has worked in the freight brokerage / trucking industry since graduating from the University of South Carolina in 1984. Just a few days after finishing school, he began his career in the produce trucking industry working for Joseph Land & Company shipping peaches from Fort Valley, GA and Johnston, SC. Due to the lack of cooler space at the packing houses, it was essential to have brokers on site for these shipments to fulfill the demand for truck capacity needed for short notice loading. It was there where he learned first hand about how fresh produce is grown, harvested, packaged, precooled, and most importantly, about how to coordinate the safe transport and delivery of highly perishable and time sensitive commodities. Many great carrier and driver relationships were developed as a result of looking each other in the eyes, face-to-face during those hot summer days and seemingly endless nights. Many of those relationships still exist to this day.

In the Fall of 1984, he moved to Lake Wales, FL where the company was headquartered at the time. It was there he learned the business of shipping fresh citrus and vegetables on refrigerated trucks from Florida for grocery chains and produce wholesale companies throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Those were long work days before office-wide fax machines, cell phones, and desktop computers even existed. He learned quickly the work ethic that it would take to be successful long term in the freight brokerage business was to come to work early and to stay as late as it took to get the job done every day. In 1994, the company relocated to Charleston, SC and this is where he continues to call home. While today’s technology has allowed less hours of physical presence in the office each day, the work ethic remains the same because perishable commodities such as fresh produce ship 24/7.

Faust enjoyed playing USTA league tennis for many years in the Charleston area and can now be found working out at Iron Tribe Fitness every morning at 6:15AM before heading to the office. He and his wife Sandy have been married since December 1985 and have two daughters.

Will Cabanting, Vice President 

Upon graduating from the College of Charleston in 1986, Mr. Cabanting began his career in the trucking industry with a local LTL company. In 1988, he was employed by the SC State Ports Authority as a Port Planner. This experience has proven valuable, as he was instrumental in the company’s expansion strategy in the local port business segment. In 1992, Mr. Cabanting worked as Operations Manager for a Charleston, SC based container-hauling trucking company. In 1995, he began working for Joseph Land & Co, Inc. in the logistics segment of that company. In 1997, he began working with Mr. Land and Mr. Chitty at Prostar, Inc. and was responsible for diversifying the company into the non-perishable market. Mr. Cabanting is a key member of the LS2C Logistics team because of his vast knowledge and experience in the various parts of the trucking industry.

Joseph Land is the managing director of JL Capital Group, LLC, an investment company whose core investments include Transportation and Transportation Related industries, Nutrition, Energy Technologies, Social Marketing, Real Estate, Software Technology and other businesses. He has more than thirty years of experience in the transportation and business industries.

Mr. Land states; “As a kid, my dream was to play professional baseball.  The Los Angeles Dodgers drafted me and I thought my dream would be fulfilled. However, a torn rotator cuff ended that dream and I knew I had to get another dream pretty quickly.  To show you that GOD has a sense of humor, I ended up in the transportation industry.”

Beginning his career in transportation, Mr. Land formed the Joseph Land Group, Inc. He fondly recalls, ”I had a dream and no money … over the ensuing 25 years we were fortunate to create a company which grew from a humble beginning to more than $179 million in annual sales”. The Joseph Land Group, at it’s peak, operated more than 1,500 trucks and employed 2,000 people in its twenty three offices across the United States.  The company was listed by Price Waterhouse in 1989 as the eighth largest refrigerated transportation company in North America and the eighteenth largest company in South Carolina.

Mr. Land is one of the three founding partners of LS2C Logistics, Inc. With so much management experience in the trucking and transportation sector Mr. Land is enthusiastic about how LS2C can fill a niche in the transportation sector. Mr. Land’s primary role in the company is mentoring, coaching, and business development.